Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vimeo - Alternate to Youtube

After creating a fairly large how-to video for my teachers, I was frustrated by the uploading process by such sites as Teacher Tube and You Tube, as well as the overall quality of the video resolution.
Thinking I would have to completely recreate my video, I tried VIMEO, another video sharing website. My large video uploaded extremely quickly and the interface is easy to use. Since I really only wanted my teachers to see this video, I chose the option of a password which I mailed with the URL to the video. Teachers then only had to type in the password and it opened up. What is most amazing about Vimeo is the quality of the video clarity. Unlike the other video sharing sites, my video did not lose any of it's original resolution in the transfer process.
Using the free service of Vimeo, each user is given a 500MB upload quota per week.
One downside is that VIMEO may be blocked as it is initially was at our district simply because it was a video sharing site like You Tube, but it one site worth opening up the filter for.

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