Friday, November 30, 2012

Trading Card Creator

Trading Card Creator is a free Web 2.0 site that allows students to create trading cards on a variety of subjects: people (both real and fictional), place (both fictional and real), physical object, event, or abstract concept. 

There is also a free iPad app (Trading Cards).   

Either version is very easy to use.  After naming and choosing the subject of your card, insert an image for the card, and fill in information specific to the subject chosen (in case of a person this includes background, major events, development, and memorable interactions).  Once the card is completed you have to option to print, save, or share (via email) your final product. 

Classroom Integration Ideas:
Students can create a set of trading cards about 
  • historical figures
  • characters from a novel
  • places or events being studied in social studies classes
  • scientific objects
  • original character creations of a students own design 
The cards could be used  
  • as introduction points to lessons
  • study cards for tests