Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where's George

Where’s George is a site that tracks the travel of dollar bills through circulation. You can follow any denomination of currency by entering the serial number on the bill, enter your current zip code and learn about where the bill has been. If your bill doesn’t have a tracking history, you can start tracking it. Add a short note about the bill including where it was found, what condition it is in, etc. You can choose to receive an email when the next person finds and records the bill’s next location. In addition to tracking bills, you can view a report by zip code, state, bill denomination, or county.

Enter the dollar serial number as a class at the beginning of the school year, record information about it, and write the Where’s George web address on the dollar.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Activities

Christmas page for teachers: Christmas around the world, Christmas trivia, quiz suggested fiction and picture books and and printable worksheets.

Kaboose Christmas: How to wrap a present, games, printables and word finds, craft and songs.

Christmas Craft Projects: Make a variety of Christmas projects including recipes, ornaments, recycled craft and how to videos.

Microsoft Word Christmas Cards: Free Christmas card templates across many styles. Can be modified with your own text and images.

Special thanks to EdGalaxy for finding these.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Label the Continents

Here is a labeling game from that is perfect to use on your Smartboard if you are teaching about the continents. Just drag the names of the continents to the correct locations!

Wylio -Photo Finder

Wylio assists users in finding images licensed under the protection of Creative Commons.