Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a free website that helps students format reference lists or citation pages. Students fill out each box to create a reference list.  They can sort them alphabetically, and download the formatted reference page.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
Cite This For Me is a great resource for students doing research, especially if it is from online sources such as podcasts, websites, and online videos.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo is an iPad app great for practicing the recognition of the alphabet sounds. Each letter is associated with an animal and an a sound. The animal picture and sounds help kids recognize the sounds of the letters of the alphabet.  When a letter is touched the first time, the user hears the name of the letter.  The second and third time the letter is pressed the user hears the sound that the letter makes.  The fourth time the letter is touched the letter changes into a picture associated with that letter.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
This app would be a great for younger students make the connection between the name of each letter and the sound associated with that letter.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Word Dynamo

Word Dynamo is a free site from Dictionary.com that estimates how many words you know. By answering ten questions, the site will calculate a word score, which adjusts as you learn new words. Word Dynamo also includes a word challenge that has up to 20 levels customized for your skill level, a library section, and a vocabulary game that allows you to match terms and definitions.

Classroom Integration:
Word Dynamo is could be used by any grade level, especially as a vocabulary center, as students learn to add new words to their vocabulary.  Because it utilizes student feedback, it will continue to challenge students to increase their skill level.