Thursday, March 7, 2013


Symbaloo is a web based visual organizing and sharing tool that allows you to bookmark websites, which you can share or just use for yourself.

Each website that you would like to bookmark, is arranged in tile boards, or as Symbaloo calls them - webmixes. These can be shared easily with others by clicking webmix details, allowing you to share a the URL link to your webmix, email to others, or embed the code in your website or blog.
A new iPad version gives you access to your Symabaloo webmixes on any iDevice.

Classroom Integration Ideas:

  • Create webmixes about topics to share with your students. This would be a great for way elementary teaches to use with their students to use in place of bookmarking several websites on a specific computer. 
  • Students research a topic, and  create their own webmixes, then share them with the class as a way of presenting their research. 

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