Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Mentormob is a free Web 2.0 resource that allows users to create "learning playlists" for their students or even colleagues. Essentially you can create a slideshow that contains websites, uploaded files, online quizzes, or self written information pages.

As you create each new "step" containing one of the above, a you will be asked to add a description of what that step includes.  The steps can be edited, moved into a different "play" order, or deleted.
Once the list is complete, simply share the playlist with others with the shortned URL that was created by clicking the share button. As students move through the playlist, a progress meter is displayed at the top of the page letting them know how many "steps" of the playlist is left.

One of my favorite aspects, is the ability to create a quiz anywhere in the playlist.  The questions on the quiz can be multiple choice or true false.

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Teachers can create playlists of websites they want students to use for that day or week in class. Especially useful for elementary grades since students only have to type in one URL of the playlist.
  •  Use a mixture of web pages, photos, and written articles to focus a particular subject. Then evaluate their learning with a quiz inserted into the playlist.

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