Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zooburst - revisited

ZooBurst is a free website that allows users to create 3D pop-up books using nothing more than public domain clip art and ZooBurst's web-based editing tools. 

Users can view ZooBurst 3D books online as long as your web browser has Flash.  The books can be rotated in the 3D environment, and images on the book can be clicked on to open additional information for each.  [Check out the gallery for examples.]
While anyone can view the books already created, to create your own teachers must submit a short request form to have a free account created. Teachers can also create accounts for their students as well. Once a book has been started, the user can edit the pop-up book's page, and background.  Images can be uploaded to be placed on specific pages, then be resized and placed in the forefront or background of the scene.  Text can be added to each page, with word balloons to each specific image.  To create a book in augmented reality, enable the webcam, then click the ZB button present on each story.  
Once a book as been created, you can share it with a web link or embed it in a web page. 

Classroom Integration Ideas:
  • Students can create a pop-up book for a historical or literary character
  • Teachers create a book for a specific event / holiday 
  • Make a tutorial book on a given topic 
  • Middle School / High School students can use to create biographical projects
  • Creative Writing projects for any grade level

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