Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Screencasting with Jing

Ever wondered how people show you so clearly what is happening on their computer? Well, they are using a technique called screen casting, also known as video screen capturing.

Check out this blog post here and learn how how to start screencasting in 7 minutes. This video will show how to install Jing and make a screencast.

Some great tips for first time screencasters:

* Do a walk-through first of all so you're practiced
* Speak slowly and clearly
* Record the audio in a quiet room (you can clearly hear other background voices in Jez's example above - best avoid this if you're doing work for clients!)
* Don't wiggle the mouse to highlight something, prefer to use an editor later to add highlights or spotlights
* Just Do It - don't worry about it, just make a recording and repeat it if it wasn't good enough. Soon you'll have something online that Does The Job

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